Humble indie 16 bundles outlast never alone and more for cheap

Humble Indie Bundle 16 has arrived offering $152 worth of stuff for a lot less, like everything for under $10 less. Yeah, that’s the type of savings we are talking here.

Far cry primal has an assassin’s creed and blood dragon easter...

Even though Far Cry Primal released today, gamers have already discovered two easter eggs calling back to Ubisoft’s other games, Assassin’s Creed and Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon. Both easter eggs were discovered by YouTube OniZombies, who posted videos on where to find them.

Sniper Ghost Warrior 3 gets sweeping new trailer for TwitchCon 2016

CI Games has just released a brand new trailer for Sniper Ghost Warrior 3 to reign in TwitchCon 2016 featuring music from Zayde Wolf and showcases the game’s diverse open world. Ghost Warrior 3 will provide no shortage of areas to explore from grassy valleys to rugged mountainsides, each of which alters your approach to the game’s open-ended structure.

New World – Developers talk about new horror sandbox MMORPG

One of three games revealed by Amazon Game Studios recently, New World is a sandbox MMORPG title. Here, players carve their own destiny with others in a hostile, cursed land to build thriving civilizations, or perhaps choosing to live alone amidst the supernatural terrors. In this evolving world that transforms with the changing of the seasons, weather, and time of day, the only limit is ambition.

Gigantic – Team-based competitive game launches worldwide

Perfect World Entertainment and developer Motiga have announced the official launch of its team-based competitive game, Gigantic, now available on Steam, Arc, Xbox One and Windows 10 systems! The Free-to-Play strategic hero shooter combines visually stunning heroes, diverse creature families to summon and massive Guardians to aid in epic battles for victory.

Dead Rising 4 Review

Since its debut a decade ago, Dead Rising has continuously evolved with each new game. It’s changed settings and protagonists, added crafting and vehicles, abandoned escort missions and limited saves. In spite of all these changes, however, the core gameplay always remained intact: grab whatever’s handy to kill and maim droves of zombies in a huge variety of gruesome, hilarious ways. Dead Rising 4 maintains this tradition of superficial yet entertaining mayhem by adapting ideas from every previous iteration.


Pokemon Duel – update available– brings the game up to version 3.0.9– balance changes announced for Infernape, Keldeo, Darkrai, Banette, Absol, Murkrow & Hydreigon announced

Dauntless – Co-op monster hunting MMO delays Open Beta to early...

Just a few days before the global launch for the PlayStation 4 version of Monster Hunter: World was announced, Phoenix Labs announced that Open Beta for Dauntless will be delayed from the end of year schedule to early 2018. While Dauntless is only developed for Windows PC, there are many similarities in the play style when compared with Monster Hunter: World.

Lots Of Games Discounted In Big Best Buy Sale Right Now

Amazon Prime Day may have ended, but you still have a chance to pick up some games at a discount. Best Buy is having its own online sale this month, and it offers a big selection of discounts on some great titles for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC, and Switch.

Ghost Recon: Wildlands Review

Ghost Recon: Wildlands is a squad based Tom Clancy game that plays by the numbers. It stays true to the series’ Rainbow Six-inspired roots, emulating the cold and calculated nature of organized infiltration and coordinated stealth kills. Whether you’re syncing shots with friends or an AI companion, there’s gratification in taking down targets efficiently. Unfortunately, the adherence to this specific kind of gameplay gets lost and diluted in Wildlands’ vast expanse of Bolivia.


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