It’s been so long since I’ve played a Dragon Ball game, or even watched the anime for that matter. I feel like it might be time for me to get back into both. I think I’ve been missing out!

Unlike other Dragon Ball games in the franchise, Dragon Ball Fusions do not follow the story from the manga or anime. Rather, it revolves around the exploits of the customizable main protagonist Tekka and their friend/rival Pinich who use the Dragon Balls to summon Shenron and wish for the greatest martial arts tournament ever, resulting in the rest of the story to take place.
This wish resulted in the creation of the Timespace Rift, a warped dimension connected to and or containing locations from various eras/timelines and parallel dimensions like Other World. After being sucked into the Timespace Rift after making their wish, they are informed by Bulma about the Timespace Tournament, a contest where fighters from throughout all the Dragon Ball Timelines, come together to fight an see who is the best. However, before the they are able to get to the tournament, they must first make their way through 4 areas connected by Korin’s Tower, before the are able to get to it. Bulma gives Tekka Ziku, a robotic Timespace Radar she developed that she believes will help Tekka in their quest and suggests they seek out Goten and Trunks who were also looking for teammates for the tournament.
Pinich leaves Tekka as he considers them to be his rival and goes off in search of his own teammates. Tekka meets Goten and Trunks after Ziku mistakenly leads Tekka to Nappa and Raditz. After teaming up with Goten and Trunks, Tekka fails to find any more allies and returns to the Capsule Corporation when Ziku suddenly detects Goku’s ki signature. They track the signature near Goku’s House within the rift by do not find him and Ziku informs them that he is in another dimension of time. Ziku instructs Tekka to use the Burst Ki technique to break open a hole in timespace similar to how Gotenks escaped the Hyperbolic Time Chamber. This opens a hole in the fabric of Timespace that causes Kid Goku from the time period when he was still training under Kami to appear in the Timespace Rift, to the shock of Goten and Trunks. After explaining the situation to Goku and his relation to Goten, as well as revealing Trunks to be Bulma’s son, Goku decides to join Tekka’s Team as he is excited by the idea of fighting in the tournament. They return to Bulma who gets into an argument with Goku when he makes a remark about her age. She then informs Tekka’s Team that they have enough members to break the Sky Barrier preventing them from traveling further up Korin’s Tower. Before they can break the barrier, they are confronted by Raditz and Nappa. Kid Goku ends up encountering his brother and Raditz recognizes Goku in his child form. Nappa and Raditz then reveal that they had learned how to perform the Fusion Dance via Mimicry after having witnessed Goten and Trunks use it during a previous encounter with the two half-Saiyans. Raditz and Nappa fuse to form Natz, forcing Trunks and Goten to fuse into Gotenks to help Goku and Tekka defeat Natz. After defeat Natz which causing Nappa and Raditz to defuse, Tekka’s Team break the Sky Barrier with energy collected during their recent battles.
They eventually arrive in another area of the Timespace Rift that contains King Kai’s Planet, Satan City, and portions of Planet Namek. However the climb up Korin’s tower leaves them hungry and exhausted, so they decide to rest on King Kai’s Planet, where they meet King Kai. King Kai explains more about barriers and the energy required to break them and tells them they must find more allies to increase the amount and types of energy they can utilize. They then travel to Satan City and break down its barrier. In the city Ziku detects another power level coming from a different timeline and Tekka uses Burst Ki to open a portal. This causes Pan from the GT Timeline to appear causing her to accidentally attack Kid Trunks as she was apparently fighting when she sucked into the Timespace Rift. Pan quickly mistakes Kid Goku for the Goku from her Timeline and is shocked to see her Uncle Goten and Trunks as kids.
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